• Mandi Lam image

    Mandi Lam

    Inspired by Sur­real­ism and the sub­con­scious, knit­wear designer Mandi Lam bril­liantly alters the shape and tex­ture of her knit­ted fab­rics by apply­ing print embel­lished coatings.

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  • Vanessa Emirian image

    Vanessa Emirian

    Emer­ging womenswear designer Vanessa Emirian has a pas­sion for polkadots and play­ful sil­hou­ettes, com­bined with a dis­tinctly fem­in­ine aes­thetic. The res­ult is ‘Cir­cu­late’ – a beau­ti­ful and inspir­ing debut collection.

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  • Burial Traditions image

    Burial Traditions

    Death is per­haps the most depress­ing word in the dic­tion­ary, but see­ing as it’s the one thing that’s guar­an­teed to come to us all we’ve spent cen­tur­ies try­ing to fig­ure out how to deal with it.

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