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    Californian native Eleanore Guthrie’s re-imagination of the jean silhouette offers a fresh denim experience that truly is shaping the future.

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  • Alpines image


    Some things are just stronger in pairs, and that’s certainly the case when it comes to Alpines. We caught up with the London-based twosome to talk about sounds, style and what’s so great about Beyoncé.

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    We’re calling it now – 2017 is the year for boss babes. So with that in mind, it’s only fitting we kick it off with a chat with a woman who’s carving her own path in the music industry: STELLA.

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    Billie Jacobina

    In the dreary post-holiday mindset we’re in, we could do with a little brightening up. Luckily we got to catch up with Billie Jacobina whose bold, bright and fun designs will shake you out of the to the back-to-work blues.

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    Julia Seemann

    We met with Zurich-based designer, Julia Seemann, to talk about life as a designer in Switzerland and how it feels to have Rihanna pluck your pieces straight off the runway.

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