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    Joy­wave do exactly what they say on the tin; they bring you joy in a giant badass music wave. These cool, slightly geeky look­ing won­der­boys are already hit­ting the US big time with their appear­ance on “Jimmy Kim­mel Live!”.

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    Quoi Alexander

    Most fash­ion stu­dents gradu­at­ing from uni­ver­sity soon real­ise that the fash­ion industry is a cruel mis­tress and that tea, rather than pieces of art, is made first. How­ever, that doesn’t seem to be the case for Quoi Alexander.

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  • Fyodor Golan image

    Fyodor Golan

    Meet Fyodor Golan, the design duo known for com­bin­ing play­ful aes­thet­ics and advance­ments in fash­ion tech­no­logy to cre­ate their iconic approach to mod­ern lux­ury womenswear with a futur­istic edge.

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  • Nick Thomm image

    Nick Thomm

    If you’ve ever tried to visu­al­ize a psy­che­delic time warp – and, let’s face it, haven’t we all – then it prob­ably looked a little some­thing like Nick Thomm’s art.

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