Welcome to Junior High image

Welcome to Junior High

Wel­come to Juni­or High, LA’s coolest new art space for “every­one who ever felt the art world was too expens­ive, too male sat­ur­ated, too white, and too inac­cess­ible”.

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Tristan Pigott image

Tristan Pigott

At first glance, you could eas­ily mis­take his work as Ins­tagram snap­shots with a pos­ter­ised-style fil­ter. Look again and you’ll real­ise that these pieces by Tristan Pig­ott are a counter-reac­tion to the instant­an­eous nature of imagery in today’s cul­ture.

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Vanessa McKeown image

Vanessa McKeown

You know a work of art is really some­thing else if it requires a double-take. And that’s exactly what you get with Vanessa McKeown’s quirky and col­our­ful images, fea­tur­ing every­day items with an extraordin­ary twist.

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Tiggs Da Author image

Tiggs Da Author

Tiggs Da Author writes his own ver­sion of poetry; mix­ing soul, motown and reg­gae with hip-hop. With his music is already receiv­ing love from 1Xtra and Radi­o1, we caught up with him to find out more about his vis­ion for music.

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Kate Boy's Midnight Sun image

Kate Boy's Midnight Sun

Back in 2012, Stock­holm-based ‘Kate Boy’ burst onto the scene with their hooky elec­tro-pop sound. We grabbed five minutes with the synth-lov­ing Swedes to chat about their new single.

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Alexis Knox image

Alexis Knox

Celebrity Styl­ist, Presenter, DJ and Edit­or and Cre­at­ive Dir­ect­or of Notion Magazine – quite a mouth­ful, but believe it or not, this title belongs to just one per­son.

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Galeria Melissa London Presents Megan Broadmeadow image

Galeria Melissa London Presents Megan Broadmeadow

Immers­ive really doesn’t seem strong enough an adject­ive when dis­cuss­ing Megan Broadmeadow’s new exhib­i­tion Mer­cury 13. Presen­ted by Galer­ia Melissa Lon­don, her incred­ible new install­a­tion really must be seen to be believed. 

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Keeping it Surreal image

Keeping it Surreal

One moment you’re driv­ing a 1950s con­vert­ible on a high­way through space and the next you’re a Rus­si­an baller­ina surf­ing an imper­i­al wave straight onto a crowded shoreline.

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