In an effort not to conform to the archetypal Cali girl image of cool, Knorts moves beyond the traditional denim journey that’s made in the USA.

Californian native Eleanore Guthrie’s re-imagination of the jean silhouette offers a fresh denim experience that truly is shaping the future. Her unusual knitted aesthetics manifest as easy, relaxed versions that succeed in escaping society’s restrictions and allow the enjoyment of full play.

Guthrie has built her brand Knorts upon the very foundation of a denim knitwear concept she originated as a revolt against uncomfortable camel toe encouraging denim, the sort of look familiar to the vintage jean short that’s supposedly so Californian cool. After breaking the mould on this American dream with a gender-neutral knitted interpretation of the retro classic, Knorts have revolutionized the way denim can be worn.

Recently Lady Gaga was spotted on the streets of Malibu wearing Knorts double denim knitted threads and even fashion’s current edge, Slick Woods wore Knorts to attend Vogue’s pre-Met Gala party in New York earlier this year. Now on tour with her ‘Nice Knits’, Eleanore is rapidly acquiring international groupies having already visited cities New York, London, Milan and Paris. So impressed were Denim Premier Vision Paris they have invited Guthrie to create a global trendsetting capsule collection for SS19.

The magic behind this complete reinvention of denim is that each piece is knitted with only fine indigo-dyed yarn, the type normally used to weave denim fabric. These threads knitted together create an extra soft textile affording the wearer a much more sensual denim experience that maximizes movability without compromising comfort. Different techniques have been developed to produce unique surface treatments including fuzzy and bubble textiles but the standout design element here is the ability to fade through wear and tear just like straight up denim.

Moving into the fifth seasonal collection for Spring ‘18 the label has stepped up by throwing new colour-ways including cream and black onto the indigo palette allowing the development of monochromatic textures. Each piece from the collection is designed to build a wardrobe on textured layers that can be un-peeled in accordance with the body’s activities and environment providing a modern-day uniform that can take you from day to night right through to the next morning and beyond.

Knorts is available now in select international boutiques and at