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Tiggs Da Author

Tiggs Da Author writes his own version of poetry; mixing soul, motown and reggae with hip-hop. With his music is already receiving love from 1Xtra and Radio1, we caught up with him to find out more about his vision for …

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Kate Boy’s Midnight Sun image

Kate Boy’s Midnight Sun

Back in 2012, Stockholm-based ‘Kate Boy’ burst onto the scene with their hooky electro-pop sound. We grabbed five minutes with the synth-loving Swedes to chat about their new single.

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Alexis Knox

Celebrity Stylist, Presenter, DJ and Editor and Creative Director of Notion Magazine – quite a mouthful, but believe it or not, this title belongs to just one person.

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Galeria Melissa London Presents Megan Broadmeadow image

Galeria Melissa London Presents Megan Broadmeadow

Immersive really doesn’t seem strong enough an adjective when discussing Megan Broadmeadow’s new exhibition Mercury 13. Presented by Galeria Melissa London, her incredible new installation really must be seen to be believed. 

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Beau image


What do you get when you cross two pretty, young Manhattanites with a distinctive sad-pop sound tinged with vibes of vintage Americana? Beau, that’s what.

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Keeping it Surreal image

Keeping it Surreal

One moment you’re driving a 1950s convertible on a highway through space and the next you’re a Russian ballerina surfing an imperial wave straight onto a crowded shoreline.

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Invader Girl image

Invader Girl

2015 is set to be the year for this innovative and colourful songstress. Conceived on a tour bus, it seems she was destined for a life in the music industry.

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