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Joywave do exactly what they say on the tin; they bring you joy in a giant badass music wave. These cool, slightly geeky looking wonderboys are already hitting the US big time with their appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”.

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Nick Thomm image

Nick Thomm

If you’ve ever tried to visualize a psychedelic time warp – and, let’s face it, haven’t we all – then it probably looked a little something like Nick Thomm’s art.

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Ryan Burke image

Ryan Burke

Make up, self-portrait artist and photographer – New York nightlife regular Ryan Burke is a creative wonder. His Instagram page captivates as he transforms himself into visual masterpieces and hosts nights alongside Susanne Bartsch and his flatmate Dominique Echeverria.

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Choupette image


Choupette, the fiercest kitty in fashion, lives a lifestyle that most grown women would long for.

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Lost & Found

If you don’t already know; it’s time. Line-ups are being announced, welly boots are being bought, and wickedly genius plans to smuggle contraband through random security checks are being developed and debated all over the world.

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Purple Ferdinand image

Purple Ferdinand

Purple Ferdinand would best describe herself as “nostalgic, hopeful darkness”. Hailing from East London, this tattooed beauty performs her soft electro-pop backed up by her ukulele, offering a more distinctive and sophisticated take on today’s bass-heavy enhanced beats.

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The Libertines image

The Libertines

The Libertines are a band that necessitate no introduction – and as three or four drafts of this introduction proves, it would be near impossible to summarise anyway.

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Kostis Fokas image

Kostis Fokas

Nakedness and genitals are what Greek artist Kostis Fokas is into. He likes his bodies stripped from clothes, fully exposed and completely surrendered. Sounds like a great Friday night if you ask me.

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