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Nafsika Skourti

Born and based in Jordan, Nafsika Skourti’s practical training has seen her live, work and study in a multitude of cities – each of these destinations weaving its way into her work.

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HADES image


Upon hearing the name ‘Hades’, most people will think of the mythical ruler of the darkest depths of hell. Only a handful may cast your minds to the hottest emerging knitwear brand that goes by the same name.

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Vanessa McKeown image

Vanessa McKeown

You know a work of art is really something else if it requires a double-take. And that’s exactly what you get with Vanessa McKeown’s quirky and colourful images, featuring everyday items with an extraordinary twist.

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Dolores Haze image

Dolores Haze

Dolores Haze is a name of may connotations. Head over to New York however and it’s the identity of a Brooklyn-based womenswear label combining the ultra-femininity with hints of biker and prep-school influences.

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Charlotte Simone image

Charlotte Simone

Meet winter’s coolest IT girl, Charlotte Simone. Creator of luxury, fluffy accessories that you’ve no doubt seen all over Instagram, Charlotte’s a pro when it comes to dreaming up every girl’s winter staple.

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Introducing Vilune Dunoraite image

Introducing Vilune Dunoraite

With a DIY ethos in mind, Vilune Dunoraite’s graduate collection celebrates all things nude and tattooed, creating a stunning vision of tattooed women of the 50s.

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Clowns Are People Too image

Clowns Are People Too

Bas Kosters’ AW14 collection is an uplifting and graphical collection mixing casual street style items with elaborate showpieces, with a focus on exclusive prints and punk aesthetics.

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