East London based professional doodler Hattie Stewart’s Instagram account transports you to a parallel universe; a technicolour pop-art paradise. Her illustrations instantly evoke happy vibes with their bright colours and cheeky vibes mixed with a dose of good old cartoon-style lovin’.

You have previously collaborated with huge names such as House of Holland and Marc Jacobs, if you could work with anyone in the fashion industry who would it be?

—I’d love to work with Moschino or Fiorucci! Aesthetically I think they would be a pretty fun match. I’ve also always dreamed of working with Louis Vuitton but to be honest, sometimes it’s not even about the brand but the project.

What are your plans for the future? Will you continue your freelance work?

—Yes, definitely. My ultimate goal though is to have my own studio and be able to live and work solely off of my own drawings and paintings. I do enjoy commissioned work so I hope more playful collaborations come up in the future. Mostly I just want to continue being able to do what I love.

Your illustrative style is really bold and and playful, where would you say your inspiration for your work and aesthetic come from?

—All over the place. I’ve always believed that inspiration comes from a place of character rather than just visual stimulation, so I love to watch artist documentaries – on anything and about anyone – as I feel there is much to learn about another’s struggles or passions that helps you understand your own, it can be validating or it can force you to question your own outlook and intentions. Sometimes learning how someone got to a piece of work is more important than seeing the final work itself. My work mostly comes from trial and error. I like to try out and experiment with many different themes, visuals and techniques and then usually something sticks.

Your illustrations are fabulous; you have such a distinct and recognisable style, would you say your style has evolved through time?

—Thank you! It has, yes, and I believe will continue to do so. Some motifs and characters will become a fixture in my work and others will be forgotten. It is all an organic process that has happened over the past few years. I’ve always drawn cartoons ever since I was a kid so my style was never going to be anything else.