Marianne Eriksen Scott-Hansen is a Danish designer creating both striking jewellery and complex interior decorations out of paper. Discovering her work through Instagram, we got in touch with her to get to know this inspiring designer a bit better.

How would you describe your work?

—I illustrate and cut. My designs are often very graphical statements, cut or drawn, and they are meant to decorate the body in new ways. Apart from the cutting I don’t use seams, patterns or any other techniques normally associated with design and manufacturing of clothes. The shape unfolds from the cut itself. My pieces are crossovers of necklaces and pieces of garment, which is a general feature of my designs. I’ve been working with these principles and techniques for many years, but I just keep it to myself and work on it whilst freelance designing for other brands. The most recent ones being Royal Copenhagen Porcelain and Georg Jensen Jewellery.

What’s your background?

—Several years ago I had my own clothes and accessories brand called Daughters of Style. It was mainly cut-out and slashed tees and leather jewellery as well as customised stuff. The line was sold in London in The Pineal Eye, Colette in Paris, Seven New York and many more worldwide. During this period I met a lot of people within the business and many artists too. The Daughters of Style vibe was very extravagant and loud, so it was an interesting and inspiring privilege to have so many of my creations worn by performing artists.

What inspires you?

—There are so many fantastic designers all over the world, and many more to be discovered! But to be honest design doesn’t interest me by far as much as people, or rather people’s personalities, do. That is what inspires me the most, not designer clothes. Sometimes I have even made the decision not to look at other designers’ work in order not to be inspired by them.

My ideal is to create something with no references to things someone somewhere has already done. That might be naive, I don’t know, but definitely very idealistic! My biggest motivation is to walk new paths. I actually love it if I see something on the catwalk that might look a little bit like something I am working on, because it means I have to be even more precise in my own expression, or even start all over again and get a new idea… It’s great!

What does the future hold for you?

—I’m still working on my jewellery pieces because I’d like to find more international customers for this, or simply just get some reactions. That is how I use Instagram, although very unstructured and only when I can find the time for it. It is still a “secret” side project and it doesn’t have my main focus, even though it is what I love doing the most. It’s totally my own expression and for 7-8 years so far, it hasn’t been copied by anyone.

I have started a small business doing paper decorations and I’ve experienced a big interest for my paper cuttings lately, especially used for interior decorating or big installations. I think for some people it is probably easier to relate to a strangely cut object hanging from the ceiling or in a window than around their own neck.

Photography by Paul Skovbakke