Ekaterina Kukhareva image

Ekaterina Kukhareva

Eka­ter­ina Kukhareva’s fairytale inspired col­lec­tion clearly demon­strates her mas­ter­ing of knit­wear tech­niques, spin­ning tales of adven­ture across broad gathered skirts.

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Georgia Hardinge image

Georgia Hardinge

Geor­gia Hardinge’s AW14 col­lec­tion is inspired by shapes cre­ated by the shad­ows of archi­tec­tur­al struc­tures.

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Clowns Are People Too image

Clowns Are People Too

Bas Kosters’ AW14 col­lec­tion is an uplift­ing and graph­ic­al col­lec­tion mix­ing cas­u­al street style items with elab­or­ate showpieces, with a focus on exclus­ive prints and punk aes­thet­ics.

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Elvira ’t Hart image

Elvira ’t Hart

Dutch design­er Elvira ’t Hart takes a very lit­er­al approach to trans­lat­ing her sketches into wear­able gar­ments in her “Wear­able Draw­ings” col­lec­tion.

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