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Nafsika Skourti

Born and based in Jordan, Naf­sika Skourti’s prac­tic­al train­ing has seen her live, work and study in a mul­ti­tude of cit­ies – each of these des­tin­a­tions weav­ing its way into her work.

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Upon hear­ing the name ‘Hades’, most people will think of the myth­ic­al ruler of the darkest depths of hell. Only a hand­ful may cast your minds to the hot­test emer­ging knit­wear brand that goes by the same name.

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Bing Bang, You're Dead

Killer jew­ellery has long been one of the most import­ant ele­ments of a per­fect out­fit or trade­mark look for style-con­scious girls and guys.

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Fash­ion edit­or­i­al by Julie Michelet and Del­phine Sicard Mala­fosse

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