Emerging womenswear designer Vanessa Emirian has a passion for polkadots and playful silhouettes, combined with a distinctly feminine aesthetic. The result is “Circulate” – a beautiful and inspiring debut collection.

Can you tell us a little about your brand?

—I am really intrigued by artisanal-based processes as well as handmade and time-honoured techniques, so my practice is primarily concerned with contemporising these, to distinguishing where and how the traditional artisan might exist in today’s modern fashion landscape. 

What would you say is your signature?

—Heritage based with a modern and playful twist.

What inspired your “Circulate” collection and what is your creative process like?

—“Circulate” is best described as a wacky obsession with the limitless possibilities of the circle, inspired by the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. I find that my creative process can be unintentional at times, so I embrace happy accidents and experimentation. I actually really love the playful aspect of experimentation. For “Circulate” I hand made all the fabrications using a needle-felting machine, and I spent endless days experimenting with many combinations of fabrics, and refining my technique. It’s a bit obsessive, but I like to explore the depth of one really great idea or technique.

Where does your love for interesting silhouettes stem from?

—I am really intrigued by vintage and traditional dressing, and how the shifting perceptions of female beauty and the role of women between the decades of the 20th century was portrayed through the changing silhouettes of fashion. I love to play with silhouette, as it is a form of distorting our perception of the body, and challenges our understanding of what shapes can be considered to be beautiful on the female form. Silhouette is also extremely playful.

What does the future hold for you?

—Right now I am visiting Europe, wandering around some pretty spectacular places, and also collecting inspiration for upcoming work. I am really looking forward to returning back to Sydney, as I will be showing the collection “Circulate” at some really cool events, amongst some other incredible designers. I would suggest popping over to my Instagram (@vanessaemirian) to keep updated on future events, it’s where I share all my polkadot madness with the world.