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We’re call­ing it now – 2017 is the year for boss babes. So with that in mind, it’s only fit­ting we kick it off with a chat with a woman who’s carving her own path in the music industry: STELLA.

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Complete Kontrol

You may recog­nise her as ¼ of the badass and per­petu­ally black-clad band, Dum Dum Girls, but Kristin (formerly known as Dee Dee) has now struck out on her own, with a brand new sound and style.

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Anderson .Paak

Overnight suc­cess is often ten years in the mak­ing and this is def­in­itely the case for 30 year old LA nat­ive Ander­son .Paak.

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Hattie Stewart

East Lon­don based pro­fes­sion­al doodler Hat­tie Stewart’s Ins­tagram account trans­ports you to a par­al­lel uni­verse; a tech­ni­col­our pop-art para­dise.

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Alexis Knox

Celebrity Styl­ist, Presenter, DJ and Edit­or and Cre­at­ive Dir­ect­or of Notion Magazine – quite a mouth­ful, but believe it or not, this title belongs to just one per­son.

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Ryan Burke

Make up, self-por­trait artist and pho­to­graph­er – New York night­life reg­u­lar Ryan Burke is a cre­at­ive won­der. His Ins­tagram page cap­tiv­ates as he trans­forms him­self into visu­al mas­ter­pieces and hosts nights along­side Susanne Bartsch and his flat­mate Domi­n­ique Echever­ria.

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Chou­pette, the fiercest kitty in fash­ion, lives a life­style that most grown women would long for.

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Zeke's Lunchbox

As a mas­ter of inter­plan­et­ary por­trait­ure and extra ter­restri­al cul­ture, Zeke and her lunch­box cre­ate super-luxe, kitsch, ali­en based art pieces.

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Amanda Hendricks

Scotland’s top export Aman­da Hendricks has walked exclus­ively for Balen­ciaga, Cos­tume Nation­al and Paco Rabanne. Signed in Lon­don, Par­is, LA and New York, this super­mod­el beauty graced the cov­er of Vogue at just 17.

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Audrey Kitching

She has become the quint­es­sen­tial blog­ger celebrity, known for her envi­able mane of pink hair and good looks. With over 450,000 fol­low­ers world­wide, Audrey Kit­ch­ing is def­in­itely an online force to be reckoned with. 

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