Celebrity Stylist, Presenter, DJ and Editor and Creative Director of Notion Magazine – quite a mouthful, but believe it or not, this title belongs to just one person.

Alexis Knox has worked with Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan, Ciara and Rita Ora to name a few, and as a result of her multiple talents, has become a powerhouse in the London creative scene and beyond. We have a quick chat about cheerleaders, first jobs and world domination.

On top of everything else, you’re really well known for your personal style. What’s your favourite item in your wardrobe and why ?

—Oh gosh! Now that is an ask! I know it’s boring but I actually couldn’t pick one item. My wardrobe really shows the diversity of my style, so if I was to pick one item, I’d feel like I was limiting myself. I definitely use my clothes as a form of self expression – same goes for my chihuahua, Prince Knox.

You’re a Stylist, DJ, Presenter, Editor, Creative Director and all-round personality; where did it all start?

—It all came from my love of performing, entertaining and communicating with people. It all goes hand-in-hand with visuals, sound, clothes and art direction.

What do you love most about London?

—I’ve lived there for so long now (I’ve actually just moved from Dalston to Clapton) that I consider it my home, even though I’m originally from Oxford. Culturally, it’s so diverse, the nightlife is great and there’s always a buzz around the arts.

What was your first job when you moved to London?

—It was actually work experience at Notion Magazine, being a runner for live TV Shows and doing the doors of nightclubs – I was a door bitch, haha!

Tell us something people wouldn’t know about you?

—I used to be head cheerleader and president of my college’s student union.

What are your thoughts on personal branding?

—I love it! But I think it’s important to be real and not create a brand that’s stronger than the job you can provide. Because of the digital age we live in, a lot of people oversell themselves online, but when you meet them in real life and require a job from them, it can often be a different story.

What’s next for you?

—A casual bit of world domination!

If you were queen of the universe, what would be your one rule?

—To respect all: I think mindfulness is a great thing. To never presume people always have negative intentions and to force yourself to live in the now. We often live in a state of panic about the “What if’s” when really, in that moment, everything is okay!

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