Amanda Hendricks is Scotland’s top export. This supermodel beauty has walked exclusively for Balenciaga, as well as Costume National and Paco Rabanne to name a few. She is signed in London, Paris, LA, New York and Denmark, and graced the cover of Vogue at just seventeen.

From her breakup with Oliver Sykes of Bring Me The Horizon, to surviving media storms of negativity, her 10 year career has not been all glamour. However, times have changed and Amanda has found inner peace and happiness through meditation, a healthy lifestyle and positive self love practices – simultaneously inspiring thousands of adoring Instagram and blog fans. This stunning lass has never looked so good! We salute you Amanda, and your journey as one badass spiritual diva.

Would you describe yourself as a spiritual person?

—I’m the most spiritual! It’s what saved me from destroying my mind and destroying my body. I realised that after I found meditation, it was what I had been looking for all along. I’d been searching outside, in material things or boyfriends, for a kind of peace and happiness that was within myself all along.

How would you describe your personal style?

—A little big gypsy with a little bit rock ‘n’ roll!

What does it feel like to have fans all around the world?

—It was weirder before because I used to sit and think why on earth they looked up to me or thought I was “cool”, but now I can kind of see it – and it’s not in a big headed way at all. I’ve been depressed and lost and been in destructive relationships, and I’ve had major problems with self love and self acceptance. I’ve managed to overcome it all and I’m stronger than I ever was before. I think I can give some people a little bit of inspiration or motivation to better their own lives and that means so much to me.

What makes you happy?

—When I can make someone else happy. There is no bigger satisfaction than brightening someone’s life, even if it’s just for a minute! I am an Aquarius – we are the humanitarians after all!

If they made a story of your life who would you want to play you?

—I think Drew Barrymore.

What is your message to the world?

—What you expect and believe is what you experience, so expect the best and believe in love!