She has become the quintessential blogger celebrity, known for her enviable mane of pink hair and good looks. With over 450,000 followers worldwide, Audrey Kitching is definitely an online force to be reckoned with.

Not quite satisfied with dominating the world of blogging and modelling, Audrey is expanding her repertoire to include designing, book publishing and even becoming a Reiki practitioner. Catching up with this pastel haired beauty we wanted to get her opinion on being in the public eye, style and spirituality.

Audrey on modeling & blogging

“I used to travel with bands as a hair stylist and had a blog since I was 15 — think AOL 2.0! I would always just take images and post little diaries about my life and over the years it kinda snowballed. Suddenly brands were asking me to model for them because of my following. It’s something that kinda just happened in an organic way. It was never really a set goal from the start. It’s crazy to look back on it all. I have been publicly blogging almost daily for 10 years!”

Audrey on her style

“I have pink hair and I model, but somehow I’m way more of a tomboy than people realize. I would rather wear a suit than a dress any day of the week! My style is edgy but casual at the same time. Functionality and comfort is super important when you live a busy lifestyle!”

Audrey on the best & worst things about being in the public eye

“The best, hands-down, is having a reach and being able to inspire, teach and help others. The worst is the judgment and speculation about my motives and who I am as a person. No one really knows someone online. We are in charge of what we put in the public, but people get some sick, twisted kicks out of making up rumors about people online. I never really understood it to be honest.”

Audrey on spirituality

“I always knew I had something special in me. I used to see ghosts and spirits all the time as a kid. They would torment me, and my parents thought I was batshit crazy. I went to see a lot of doctors, was on medication, the whole nine yards. It wasn’t until I was about 18 where I realized I wasn’t crazy but that I had abilities that I was tapped into that I wasn’t aware of. Over the years I’ve been gaining knowledge and experiences so that I have been able to understand and harness the energy into a positive outlet to help others.”

Audrey on her favorite event or show

“I think seeing Radiohead live when I was a teenager was a super important moment for me. I was a lost mess and that made me feel like I belonged somewhere on this earth!”

Audrey on what’s next for Audrey

“I’m working on so many projects at moment. I’m launching my shoe collecting with Italian brand Kerol D. Milano this summer! I went to Milan a few months ago to shoot the campaign. It was a fantastic experience!”

Audrey on her message to the world

“There will always be a reason why you meet people. Either you need to change your life, or you’re the one that will change theirs.”

Photography by Nat Sin