As a master of interplanetary portraiture and extra terrestrial culture, Zeke and her lunchbox create super-luxe, kitsch, alien based art pieces. Desperate to learn more about her universe, we congratulate her and her Zci-Fi slug baby inspirations as she is the epitome of I-AM.

How would you describe Zeke’s Lunchbox?

—ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°Zeke’s Lunchbox is a super-luxe colour & kitsch obsessed art pseudonym. The art itself is abundant, rich and muddled, so opening the lunchbox is like peeking into a weird lost world. Zeke is a loud quasi-alien, constantly seeking balance between chaos and calm.

How did you come up with the name?

—To this day I’m still not sure how it was narrowed down. It was chosen because it was strange with a sweet tone.

What is your favourite sci-fi film?

—Don’t make me choose! It’s so hard because there are so many snippets from movies that I’m in love with. I was really obsessed with Brazil at one point. That’s a gorgeous looking movie and a film that heavily influences my work. I adore how sickening all the lavishness is, the plastic surgery scenes are so foul and hilarious – perfection. Terry Gilliam is God. Still obsessed with Akira and Repo Man. For some reason Coneheads comes to mind? Not because I like it but because it produces the weirdest feelings in me, very uncomfortable feelings – which is good I guess.

Do you believe in aliens? If so, would you like to be abducted?

—Obvs! Although, maybe not the cliché aliens. I believe there’s more out there, statistically speaking. I wish I did believe completely though, Fox Mulder makes me want to believe. Can Mulder abduct me?

It’s interesting that your work seems to reside in this separate universe. What inspired that?

—That began because it was too hard for me to connect my creations to our world. They felt too special to be a part of this life. They needed to be disconnected and placed into a better universe of their own.

You have said your work takes an anthropological approach. Do you see yourself as a sort of sci-fi anthropologist?

—I’m aiming to completely live and breathe it. Although, I get sucked back down in reality too often. I see myself as a major culture-whore so, naturally, being an anthropologist came with the territory. My dad studied anthropology so it’s in the family.

How did you move from studying fashion design to multiple art-based mediums?

—Fashion felt like the sensible path at the time, but being an artist has always been what I wanted to do. Fashion ended up being very constrictive and I really don’t enjoy the process. I’ve been making art my whole life, so at the end of it I realised being art-based felt more natural.

Describe your Zci-Fi hypothetical subculture: What would they wear, what music would they listen to, what would their political stance be?

—Originally the subcultures were based on every glitter girl I could find on the internet. I’m going to be frank, I’m blatantly ripping off every sea-punk and vapour wave baby that’s out there. I think they’re all so adorable and I feel like a kid again collecting My Little Ponies or Polly Pockets. Although lately, the Zci-Fi subcultures have evolved more into strange creatures, like the Slug Babies or the Dongle Bewb girls. It’s like the glitz has gone so far they’ve evolved to an extreme shiny blob – which makes me snicker a little on the inside.

Is the use of humour in your work to soften your discordant or grotesque imagery a kind of satire or post-modern critique?

—Yes! Definitely. The humour is just an easier way for me to tackle certain topics. I just adore strange shit. I think a lot of it is funny and in turn I want to make work exactly like it. The humour, satire and critique are a winning combo for me.

Why do you think we, as a culture, have a fascination with sci-fi and UFO’s?

—I think everyone likes fantasy and imagination whether they admit it or not. UFO’s are fun and science fiction is a great way to reflect on human issues without talking directly about them.

Some even consider it a religion. Do you want to start a Zci-Fi religion?

—If there were a religion it would the most fab religion of them all. #glittergirlarmy #zekefreaks #zekelings

Your work is also inspired by drug culture. How do you feel about current drug legislation?

—Far out! Is it legal yet? Hurry up. #420

Are you a fan of a beard or is it only when it’s covered in glitter?

—Yawn. Can we all move on from beards please? Glitter will always be in my good books, however.

What are your future hopes for your life and the world?

—I can’t speak for this world but I hope in Zeke’s Werld there’s lots of sex, colour and cuteness.

How do you continue to develop and come up with fresh ideas?

—I have a million journals filled with ideas. So there’s lots of things on the back burner if I need them. If I’m really lost, films are always there. Especially if they are visually rich.

What is next for Zeke’s Lunchbox?

—I’m currently working like crazy on my next solo show, Zeke’s Werld. I’m totally obsessed with it and cannot wait to show it to the universe. I hope I can make a book or a comic about all the Zci-Fi babies at some point as well. I would also love to start a show on the interwebz discussing old sci-fi movies. I just want to discuss films with people who are as obsessed with them as me! It could be a fun avenue, sort of in the vein of Half In The Bag by the Red Letter Media guys. Love them. <3 I’ve also recently collaborated with the label DGTL LUXE. I have some textiles prints I’ve designed for them. All of that should be coming out very soon!

And finally; who and where are the slug babies?

—Slug Babies are the epitome of everything fabulous and luxe. They’re a super concentrate of the most lavish beings across the universe. They drop into worlds and shower everyone in fabulousness. They’re nasty slugs but they’re good for you, so deal with it. #stayplastic ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø