When and Why You Should Consider a Whole House Water Filter For Your Home

We all want to do our best to be healthy, but sometimes it can be hard to know what that means. This is especially true when it comes to our water supply and how much water we need to drink during the day or how much we should use in a given time period. Many people understand some of the reasons to filter water, but even if you don’t, this article will cover those ideas. It will also discuss why it may be a good idea to have a whole house water filter system for your home.

Reasons to Filter Water

Just in case you aren’t familiar with why you should be filtering your water at all, let’s make sure we talk about that first. Often, water that comes into your home from your city water supply can be contaminated with a lot of chemicals, like chlorine, fluoride, and a long list of minerals. Most of these chemicals can alter the taste of your water and turn you off from drinking it, not to mention they have the potential to cause a wide variety of health problems.

Ways to be Healthy

Drinking water each day can help keep you hydrated, prevent health problems, and overall help you feel better. However, if your water supply contains a lot of chemicals, it can be difficult to drink. This is one of the benefits of having a filtration system for your water. If you are starting to purchase a lot of disposable products just to drink water, then you are contributing to landfills. A filtration system can help you have a cleaner and better tasting water from your own home with a lot less waste.

Hair, Skin, Nails

A water supply that is contaminated with chemicals doesn’t just stop at your kitchen sink and the amount of water you drink. It can also affect other things, like your hair, skin, and nails. This happens when the water comes through your shower or if you happen to do dishes by hand. It can also affect the water you use for preparing drinks or meals and that you give to your pets. There are specific filters, like a shower filter, that can help prevent this, but having a whole house filter is a better option.

Eliminating Additional Products

The reason that having a whole house filter is better than other products is that you can further eliminate waste in your home by using this product. Think about it this way. You could spend the time and money to purchase and install individual filters for your home. This would include things like a shower filter, a filter for the faucet in your kitchen, and possibly a pitcher with a filter for your drinking water. A whole house filter can eliminate all of these products by filtering water at the point it first enters your home. This gives you the benefits of all of those products with one simple purchase and only one installation process.


As you can see, there are a lot of things to consider regarding why you should look into purchasing a whole home water filter. These types of products can help eliminate nearly half a dozen other products in your home, they can provide you with healthier and better-tasting water, and they can help you reduce the amount of waste products your family is contributing to landfills.

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