Tips For Buying Your Teenager an Electric Skateboard

As anyone with a teenager knows, teens are always looking for new exciting activities. Many teens are now asking their parents to get them electric skateboards. An electric skateboard is battery powered and has a motor which propels the skateboard forward. Most electric skateboards have a handheld remote which can be used to control speed. It takes a little practice, but they are a fun way to get around. Here are some tips for buying your teen an electric skateboard.

1) Make sure it is easy to carry.

Some electric skateboards are bulky and heavy. This makes them awkward to carry when needed. Making it easy to carry will help keep your teen motivated to keep using the electric skateboard.

2) Check for weight capacity.

Every skateboard has a different weight capacity. Every teenager is a different size. Make sure whatever electric skateboard you choose can handle your teen’s weight. Keep in mind they are still growing and give yourself some cushion!

3) Find out how noisy it is.

You know your teen is going to be riding this thing around everywhere, especially for the first few weeks. Make sure it is one that is not too noisy so that while they are driving their new electric skateboard around your yard, they aren’t driving you crazy!

4) Get some good wheels.

First, pay attention to how durable the wheels are. Teens are rough with their things, and you want this electric skateboard to last for more than a few rides. It is worth paying a little more if necessary to have wheels that will last. Wheels made out of urethane are reported to be the most durable wheels.

Also, pay attention to wheel size. Smaller wheels will limit what kind of terrain the board can be used on. If you live in a place where everything is paved, this may not be such a big deal. If you know your teen will be using the board in the grass or another type of terrain, look for larger wheels. Larger wheels will be able to handle rougher terrain and will give your teen more options when it comes to where they use their new board.

5) Check the battery life.

Some electric boards have batteries that only last a short time before needing to be recharged. You don’t want your teen showing up every 15 minutes to charge their battery. That will get annoying to both of you! Make sure to research and read up to verify that the batteries hold a charge for a long period of time so that your teen can fully utilize their board.

6) Find a company that offers a solid warranty and good customer support.

You know your teen is going to ride their electric skateboard ALL of the time! It is inevitable that there will eventually be some kind of issue that needs to be dealt with, whether it is a question you have about use or an issue with the electric skateboard working correctly. By ensuring you pick a company that offers an excellent warranty, you can make sure that should any issue arise with the electric skateboard working properly it will be handled quickly. Also, you want a company that offers great customer support, so you can ask the questions you need to without spending your whole day on hold.

I hope these tips help you as you find the perfect electric skateboard for your teen. Now, don’t forget to get your teen some safety gear as well!

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